Car & Vehicle Window Tinting Manchester

There is no doubt that installing car window film is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your vehicle. You'll notice straight away how stylish, elegant and prestige it looks. Not only do tinted window films enhance the looks and value of your vehicle and give it an exclusive air of distinction and finish but the Car window installation of window film has many other benefits listed below. The benefits of tinting the windows of your vehicle:

  • Reduces glare from the sun.
  • Reduces heat by up to 63%
  • Reduces UV radiation by 99%
  • Increases safety by reducing the risk of flying glass in an accident
  • Increases security by strengthening the glass and deterring car crime
  • Protects the interior of your vehicle from the damage of fading
  • Removes annoying headlight dazzle and glare
  • Improves visual security
  • Reduces air-conditioning costs
  • Enhances viewing of car video/TV screens
  • Gives a high level of personal privacy
  • Protects pets in a vehicle
  • Maintains the market value of your car by protecting the interior
  • Enhances the colour of the glass
  • Gives that stylish elegant prestige look

Get the Perfect Car Window Tinting In Manchester for Your Vehicle

A car is one of the most common daily vehicles that influence a significant part of our lives in commuting from one place to another. It is one of the essential modes of transport that lug us across distance easily and speeds up our work considerably by reducing the time spent on transportation. Hence, you can purchase something as simple as a car window tint installation and reap both visual and functional benefits out of it.

To achieve such a purpose, you can also go for a modification that uplifts the functionality alongside looks as well. Thus if you have a personal car that you regularly use and is precious to you, then you would want it to look good. Window Tinting Manchester here can help you and offer a long-lasting and visually pleasing Manchester car tinting service.

Why Choose a Window Tint

Getting your car tinted can have many benefits for your daily driving experience. It can not only give your car a fresh look to start with but also result in the inclusion of functional aspects that can increase safety. Therefore, if you are looking to get a stylish car window tinting for your vehicle, then we can provide you with what you need.

Utility Aspect of a Window Tint

There are many advantages that you can get from such a window tinting process. The most common benefit is that you get a cool shade while driving your car in the morning sun. Our car window tints are designed keeping in mind both the visual and the utility aspect. It provides excellent one-way visibility where you can see everything that is going on around your vehicle while restricting the excess incoming light.

Get New looks For Your Car

Window tinting for a vehicle is one of the most subtle ways is in which you can improve the look of your car without drastically modifying the appearance. We have some of the best professionals who can get the job done within a few hours. There are many kinds of shades we provide that can perfectly match the exterior colour of your car.

We test all our window tints for visibility and safety. They are also very durable and easily resist up to the elements. If you are looking for something low key that can make an immediate difference to the look of your car then getting a window tint from us is your best option.

Personal Privacy with a Window Tint

The one very distinct advantage of tinting the window of your car is that it increases your privacy. The car window tinting that we have to offer is for a clear one-way vision that enables you to see well. Whilst you can easily see everything that is going on around you, people outside your vehicle cannot see clearly, what you are doing. This is especially effective and can be considered as a requirement if you are a celebrity or a famous personality. Thus in such scenarios getting a window tinting from us can prevent you from getting mobbed by your admirers.

Cost-Effective and Time-Saving Installation

As a premium Window Tinting shop, we have some of the best professionals available who can easily provide an excellent service. We value your time and therefore, attempt to keep the work within the prescribed schedule. The cost-friendly options we provide are also the icing on the cake for you. If you get a window tinting service from us, we can assure you of the quality we provide.

All of these advantages make the car window tinting process more than just a visual one. It sometimes becomes essential that you install window tint for more than only one purpose. The window tint services we offer are also the most cost-friendly options that you can find in Manchester. So, if you want to benefit from the advantages above, then waste no time and get the best window tinting for cars from us at a competitive price.


Why use window tinting?

Applying window film to your vehicle is a small investment that pays dividends for as long as you own it! The window films we use are state-of-the-art in solar protection, durability and appearance and are backed by a full manufacturers warranty.

Whether you are commuting to work or taking the family out on the weekend, the selection of window film for your automobile makes sense for a number of important reasons:

  • Reduces Heat – we all know how hot it can get when a car sits in the sun for an extended period of time. The solar control properties found in automotive window films can greatly reduce the level of heat gain inside a car providing more comfort for the driver and passengers. Additionally, this heat reduction will lead to better fuel efficiency because car owners can rely less on air conditioning to provide comfort.
  • Reduces Glare – the presence of glare while driving is not only distracting but dangerous as well. Window film does an excellent job of minimising the level of annoying glare entering a car window. This will improve vision and safety and help prevent less strain on the eyes.
  • Blocks UV Rays – it has been proven that UV rays from the sun can cause serious damage to the skin as well as increase fading on interior car furnishings such as dashboards, seats, floor mats, and stereo equipment. Automotive window films help to reduce the level of interior fading and protect skin by blocking up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Beyond these three functional benefits, automotive window films can also add just the right aesthetic touch to your car. There are a variety of shades and colours to choose from so check with us to find out which film makes the most sense based on your specific needs.

Please be aware that certain laws govern the use of tinted film in vehicles. Check with us to get a better understanding of what films are available (and legal) for your vehicle.



Another benefit is that people cannot see in from the outside providing privacy for the driver and passengers. This also deters crime, as potential thieves will not be able to see into the vehicle window, protecting your valuables.


A window film tinted vehicle offers the driver unexpected comfort as they will suffer less glare on sunny days and less dazzle at night from other vehicles headlights, reducing eye strain and fatigue when driving. The reduced window glare enhances the viewing of in car video / TV screens.


The suns ultraviolet rays and solar heat are responsible for over half of the damage caused to the interior of a car during its lifetime. Solar heat and UV can cause interior trim, upholstery and carpeting to fade.

Plastic parts are less likely to crack because window tinted glass rejects solar energy and up to 99% of UV. By protecting your valuable investment this maintains its value when you come to sell or trade it in.


The installation of window film applied on the inside of the window helps hold any glass shards together when broken as in an accident, greatly reducing the likelihood of glass coming into contact with the drivers or passengers. However don't worry it will not trap you in the car as it is very easy (and a lot safer) to push the glass OUTWARDS once it has broken, in contrast it is very hard to push it inwards like a thief would, if they where trying to break in.


Because window film rejects up to 63% of the suns heat energy, your car is prevented from heating up as quickly as it normally would. This means the cars air conditioning won't have to work as hard to maintain a cool temperature thereby reducing fuel and AC servicing costs greatly.

Why use Window Tinting Manchester?

  • The window films we use have a lifetime guarantee
  • We lifetime guarantee the installation
  • We have a wide rage of tint levels to suit all cars and tastes
  • All window films are scratch resistant
  • We are fully insured

Our Window Tinting Guarantee

Work undertaken by windowtintingmanchester is fully insured and offers a lifetime guarantee on all vehicle installations for the lifetime of the owner. Our fully equipped workshops in Manchester have facilities to enable us to offer the best installation and service.

Just call us on +44 7388 914917 to discuss your requirements or the problem you wish to solve and we will gladly supply a quote on any vehicle, boat, van or any other application for window film you can imagine. Alternatively fill in our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.