A: Usually half a working day, but we suggest a full working day to be on the 'safe side'.

A: We recommend that you avoid using your windows for four to five days after the film has been applied.

A: No. As we use only the highest quality film and all windows are tinted right to the edges it will look just like a factory tint straight from the manufacturer.

A: Although all standard window films will normally take 4-5 days to reach working hardness, it will normally take 30days to cure completely, although external conditions such as humidity and temperature affect the curing time of the films.

A: As the film is applied on the inside of windows you can do whatever you want to the outside of your vehicle.

A: Yes it is. Dark heavy tinting of the windscreen and front windows is unlawful. Regulations state that the front side windows must allow through 70% of the available light and the windscreen must allow in 75% of the available light. So, if through tinting such windows allow less than the permitted light in they will be deemed unlawful and will result in roadside penalty.

A: Obviously until we've seen the size of the window tinting job that you want we are unable to give an accurate answer, but when we see the job we'll do our best to give you a pretty accurate timescale.

A: Not at all. Window films are applied to the INSIDE of the window so there's no need for expensive scaffolding and safety equipment.