vehicle window tinting manchester
vehicle window tinting manchester
window tinting experts manchester
window tinting experts manchester

Window Tinting Experts Based In Manchester!

car window tinting manchester

At Window Tinting Manchester we specialise in many kinds of window tinting ranging including commercial, domestic and vehicle window tinting. Please give us a call today on 0800 4488 724 to discuss your exact requirements.

Vehicle Window Tinting

car window tinting manchester

Bring your car down to our factory and we can show you the best window tinting options for your vehicle.

We're based close to Manchester City Centre so that you can bring your car to us in the morning, and ... 9 times out of 10 ... you can collect your car, job done, on your way home!

Various degrees of tinting available, just come in and make your choice or call us for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION quote!

Domestic Window Tinting

domestic window tinting manchester

Our consultants can recommend the best product for your project, simple visit our contact page and drop us a line or to find out more about specific films and their uses, please continue down the page.

Solar Glare Reduction
Solar glare reduction films reduce glare on bright days whilst maintaining an outward view, a more healthy alternative to closing the blinds when too much glare begins to effect computer screens etc, glare reduction films also help reduce the amount of fading to valuable furnishings in the home.

Commercial & Office Window Tinting.

commercial window tinting manchester

Solar Heat Control
Heat reducing films are designed to control the amount of heat from the sun entering a room thus creating a more comfortable working environment in offices and factories.

Safety/Security applications
Security window films offer protection for property and belongings by reducing the ability for a person to see into your home whilst allowing unresticted outward views, safety window films help protect against accidents and injuries from glass fragments caused by crime, vandalism and even terrorist bombs.

Architectural Enhancements
Enhance the beauty of glass with different coloured tinted films and window graphics, incorporate corporate signage and identity on doors and partitions, use blackout films on area of hign privacy, use graphics to clearly mark large windows and doors and make glass apparent.

Window tinting or window film is an extremely efficient way of controlling the effects of solar energy... Window Film can reduce uncomfortable heat and glare, minimize fading by reducing UV, improve your security and privacy, and is virtually undetectable.

The application of window film/tinting glass is suitable for cars, boats, plant equipment, conservatories, house, offices, commercial premises, schools, skylights, partitions, polycarbonate roofs etc. It is undisruptive to install, and maintenance free. Compared to curtains, shutters and blinds, etc, window film or tinting glass is highly more efficient and cost effective.

Window Film/Tinting Glass Throughout the UK: Home, Offices, Conservatories, Polycarbonate roofs, Schools, Industrial buildings, Govenment buildings.

Windows provide your home, office,conservatory with light and a beautiful view of the world, but that enjoyment may come at a high price. Heat, damaging UV radiation, privacy, and excess glare can combine to cause owners to cover their windows with blinds, shades or shutters to help block those unwanted effects. Unfortunately, traditional window treatments can only be effective if they completely block out the entire window opening and often do not do the job.

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